16 Worst Video Game Levels Of The Decade (So Far)

15. Dexter Industries - Hitman: Absolution

hitman absolution
IO Interactive

Even if you've not played Hitman's fifth entry, you'll have heard the cries of its awfulness from the fans. This is the result of a developer aiming for the nebulous 'wider audience' by adopting linear level elements and losing the stealth focus that made the series what it is.

Naturally it was received about as well as a corpse on Christmas, the epitome of this design ethos being Dexter Industries, a shooting gallery of a level set up to let you storm a bad guy's lair with your twin pistols.

You could try and play stealthily, but it felt like doing the same in any other third-person shooter, where you duck and dodge out the way of enemies until they 'activate'. A basic line to the target, simplistic room-to-room progression and a reliance on using your 'Instinct Mode' to score headshots in unison, ironically, this felt like a basic cover shooter wearing an Agent 47 disguise.

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