18 Best Video Game Boss Battles Of The Last 10 Years

Mr. Freeze, better than all?

Batman Arkham City Mr Freeze

In this crazy world of microtransactions, loot-grinds and premium DLC, there's one age-old aspect of gaming that's fell by the wayside: Boss battles.

Why? Assumedly it's down to developers creating evermore expensive and accessible games - something a giant walking roadblock or spike in difficulty doesn't exactly help with. To that end, the vast majority of newer games feel as though they view boss battles as a 'risk', and that's a shame, as stretching back even a decade past, some of a given title's finest moments come from going one-on-one with a variety of great ones.

Because think about it: Which boss battles have you really enjoyed, and why? Were they designed to annoy or challenge? How about testing the mechanics of what you've learned so far?

The Nintendo school of thought - especially in Zelda - always falls back on some outside the box thinking, ranging from "Holy sh*t, my shield can deflect that?!" to rigidly applying the 'rule of three' to any subsequent weak spot.

It's almost traditional to have at least one boss encounter in any combat-focused game, and though the likes of Dark Souls and The Surge are flying that flag very high indeed, let's take stock of who else got their epic encounters just right.

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