18 Best Video Game Moments Of 2017

1. BJ's Beheading & Resurrection - Wolfenstein II

Wolfenstein 2 beheading

Of all the moments in 2017's video games, Wolfenstein II's literal beheading of the main character is the most shocking, most sickening and most "... so what happens now?!" of them all.

You're not only captured by the Nazi regime occupying alternate-reality America, but as "Terror Billy" you're marched into the National Mall and put in place for execution. And the whole time you're thinking, "Well, someone's going to come to my rescue... any time now...", and they don't.

Instead, you're literally looking up as the nefarious Sigrun Engel takes repeated swings to cut your head off, making your view go white and the whole world fall away.

What then happens is so stupidly brilliant I can barely put it into words, but it involves a replacement synthetic body, your head being caught by a robot that placed it on life support in a jar and the second half of the game where you return from the dead to bring down the Nazis, one axe-swing at a time.


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