18 Most Iconic Signature Moves In Video Game History

2. "Hadouken!" - Ryu (Street Fighter)

Hardly any games can be identified just by a single soundbite; Unreal Tournament's "Headshot!", Mario's mushroom-grab, Crash Bandicoot's "Hoomlaga!" mask noise... nothing compares to the sheer power behind "Hadouken!" though, Ryu's fireball-conjuring special that let you know you'd best get out the way. The move was apparently inspired by Japanese anime, Space Battleship Yamato, as its neon-burst laser cannons endeared themselves to creator Manabu Takamura, who wanted to create a move that would always own the screen, no matter what. Thankfully, almost 30 years later, and watching Ryu belt out a fireball through sheer force of will is one of the most recognisable video game moves of all time, second only to...
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