20 Best Current Gen Games So Far

19. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The neon signs reflect off the buildings €“ there appears to be no natural light €“ and the polluted clouds forms a barrier between the urban slums and the elite skyscrapers. This is a sci-fi world with very futuristic problems. Confrontations between governments and corporations - between human terrorists and biotechnology supporters - are coming to a head. Adam Jensen has his own mission: find and rescue his ex-girlfriend and her team of scientists. This story isn€™t the cookie-cutter good vs. evil story and the lines between the two blur. It€™s a debate films like Blade Runner have confronted before but this is one of the first times the question has been faced in video game format. Once you complete the opening missions you are free to play the game any way you wish. During one scenario you have to enter a Police HQ illegally: do you enter all guns blazing or do you sneak through the vents and disarm the security systems as you go? The two major cities are crammed with side quests which demonstrate the ever-increasing wealth gap and the issues technology has created. Your character develops through the choices you make; whether you plan to exploit the powers you have been given or whether to choose to hide your human side. Like the movies that inspired it, it€™s essentially a futuristic game with noire elements. Add the RPG aspect and you have the formula for one of the best games on the current gen.
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