20 Best Gamecube Games Of All Time

The hidden gem of the console world, which games do you think are the best the system had to offer?

resident evil gamecubeCapcomWith Nintendo using this year's E3 to finally remind everyone why we fell in love with them in the first place, it seems fitting to take a look back at one of their most underrated consoles. Back at the start of the 21st century, the PS2 ruled the roost and the former Japanese giants were also facing new competition from Microsoft's Xbox - but Nintendo weren't going down without a fight. While missing out on the true Final Fantasys, the GTA series and some other key third party titles, the Gamecube still managed to slowly amass a staggeringly high amount of quality games. Its goofy lunch box-look may have helped to cement Nintendo as a kids company in the eyes of many, yet the Gamecube featured just as many 'mature' and violent titles as its competitors, offering players four Resident Evils, a Metal Gear and countless gun-filled third party titles (for all you dudebros out there). The Gamecube packed a graphical punch too, and while not quite matching the visual prowess of Microsoft's console, comfortably out-powered Sony's middling PS2 - even if Nintendo didn't proclaim it often enough. For a company that are often criticised for relying too heavily on Mario and Zelda, the Gamecube saw Nintendo at their experimental best, offering classic titles in every major genre imaginable. With the Wii U seeing Nintendo once again focus on games for gamers, lets take a look at the twenty best games from Nintendo's greatest home console.

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