20 Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

2. Rocket League

Rocket League Nintendo Switch

Last of the "It's X on the Switch!" titles, but really, it's Rocket League on the Switch!

Yes, the graphics are far more conservative an- actually no, that's literally the only thing Psyonix had to "sacrifice" to get their runaway success working beat for beat. In case you somehow haven't played Rocket League, it's just about one of the most perfect video games you can ever lay your palms on.

Literally being a controllable physics model masquerading as rocket-powered cars playing soccer, everything from landing a screamer from across the pitch to finally mastering the aerial game so you can control downward shots is a rewarding sensation like no other.

Rocket League remains one of the best games of all time - one made portable on Switch with easy-access Joy-Con multiplayer and sense of playability that'll get you hooked in seconds.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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