20 Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Zelda Breath Of The Wild

The game that will be associated with the Switch's good name for the rest of time.

Not only one of the best launch games of all time, nor just the finest Zelda of them all, but genuinely the best video game of all time.

That's no small accolade, for sure, but what Nintendo have created with Breath of the Wild is an immaculate series of time and quality-tested systems. Gameplay systems like third-person platforming, action, crafting and climbing that all melt away into pure interactivity once you start exploring.

As such, by doing away with a cluttered game map, reams of side quests to hoover up, microtransactions and loot grinds, Zelda continues the age-old, freeform spirit its 1986 original started.

No abilities unlock save for additional access to more magical powers to manipulate the world around you, once you're even half an hour in you'll have every last one. From here, Breath of the Wild reinvents how to even "do" an open world, treating it as one big level stuffed with secrets to unearth, puzzles to solve, mountains to climb and enemies to slay.

The prevailing feeling is just how natural it feels - like a team of talented individuals put every fibre of their collective souls into creating a landmark entry into an already timeless franchise.

Chances are, Breath of the Wild came with your Switch anyway, but if not... what are you waiting for?

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