20 Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

19. Fast RMX

fast rmx no hud

Another blast-from-the-past rework of a timeless idea, Fast RMX is the Switch's F-Zero.

No ifs, no buts - if you like your racing lightning fast with no power-ups and an emphasis on nailing corners to steal first place at the last second, RMX is perfect. Playable in split-screen co-op with segmented Joy-Cons and online as the whole world competes in eyeball-searingly fast 60 FPS glory, the game's unique hook is changing your ship's colour to match chains of booster pads peppering the tracks.

Sitting nicely between improvising a route around a given course and slowly memorising how to link all these power-ups together is where Fast RMX clicks, providing an out of nowhere launch day gem that's built for local multiplayer parties.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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