20 Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

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Nintendo Switch Games 2017

What an outstanding year Nintendo have had. From launching a new system to securing a number of new IPs, re-planting their feet firmly in the hardcore scene and supporting scores of indies along the way, both as a company they're dominating on a level reminiscent of the Super Nintendo, and the Switch itself is a phenomenal piece of kit.

Actually built on the sort of processors you'd find in mobile phones, a setup we all assumed would restrict "proper" video games hasn't stopped developers porting their favourites across whatsoever. The very fact we've got DOOM is a miracle, never mind L.A. Noire proving that if Rockstar ever fancied a Switch compilation of old-school GTAs or a version of GTA VI, the Switch would keep up.

Heading into December I'd wager everybody and their granny either already has a Switch, or is eyeing one up for Christmas. There are tons of games to pick from - ranging from age-old Nintendo favourites reinventing themselves to runaway successes like Rocket League rounding anybody's library out nicely.

If you have a Nintendo Switch or are picking one up, you need the following games. Simple as.

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