20 Greatest Ever Beat Em Up Video Game Characters

3. Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

My favourite female fighting character also happens to be the very first, because Chun-Li proved that you don't need to have your boobs spilling out in order to sell millions of video games. She is one of the key protagonists of the SF franchise, known for her strong moral center, her signature blue dress, and her extremely powerful legs, allowing her to deliver a series of lightning-fast kicks to incapacitate her opponents. In fact, Chun-Li, despite her slender frame compared to many of her male counterparts, is among the strongest fighters in the game, earning her enduring adoration with fans of both genders worldwide. Despite not outwardly revealing herself like some of the aforementioned female fighters, Chun-Li has nevertheless become a video game sex symbol over the years, attributed largely to her powerful thighs, and the fact that so many women continue to cosplay as her at conventions and gaming events. A lot of modern female characters could learn a lot from Chun-Li.
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