20 Greatest Ever Beat Em Up Video Game Characters

17. Marshall Law (Tekken)

Marshall Law is, quite clearly, based somewhat on martial arts legend Bruce Lee, and that's a large part of why he's so much damn fun to play. He's one of the easier characters to command in Tekken, and simple button bashing will suffice to begin with, at least until you try to take on more skilled human players. I love everything about his combat style, from his blindsiding array of kicks and flips, to the high-pitched screams he lets out as he attacks, very reminiscent of Mr. Lee. In less badass terms, he's constantly marked out for being flat-broke when every King of Iron Fist Tournament rolls around, causing him to have to enter to make some more dough. He's also good friends with series tough-neck Paul Phoenix (who very nearly made this list), and has a son, Forest, who briefly replaced Marshall in the series before being swapped back, due to popular demand (and the fact that Forest was a total doofus).
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