20 Greatest Gaming Moments Of 2014

Incredible announcements, exciting technologies and brilliant bits of gameplay.

2014 has been an interesting twelve months for video games. In many ways, the year has felt like a transitionary period, both for the next-gen consoles and accompanying software. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have had great success, but 2015 will see far more in the way of killer exclusives. Meanwhile, exciting technologies like virtual reality headsets have reared their heads, but ought to truly come into their own next year. That's not to say 2014 hasn't had its moments though. While there have been more than a few AAA duds, the year has also seen a number of surprise hits. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor managed to offer a fun, surprisingly innovative experience that few expected. Dragon Age: Inquisition managed to right the wrongs of the RPG franchise's second entry. Even Alien: Isolation turned out to be one of the year's best horror games, and a lesson in how to adapt a beloved franchise. This list takes a look at 20 of the greatest gaming moments of 2014. As well as some of the year's best bits of gameplay, we'll also be looking at the most exciting announcements and emerging technologies of the last twelve months. From controversial titles to the most surprising sleeper hits, each of these represent the best moments to be a gamer this year.
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