20 Mind-Blowing Gaming Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

Surprisingly not a single rabbit or chocolate egg in sight.

From secret messages to giant rats roaming the streets, programmers and game designers have done their best to sneak Easter eggs into the most unusual and difficult to reach places. There are many types of Easter egg found throughout all types of games; some bizarre, some beautiful, some a little of both. Eggs come in all shapes and sizes and they're either easy to find or, more likely, designed purely to test the metal of the hardcore completionists. There€™s no end to the creativity the developers showcase, some so much so that, years after seeing it, you€™ll stop in your real world job, eyes glazed, thinking about that day you once saw a giant pink rabbit out in the ocean. For gamers these often overlooked treats are a little peek behind the wizard's curtain, reminding them that every inch of the game was meticulously crafted by a team who have the most unusual senses of humour, are plagued by internal politics, or are just general egomaniacs who want the world to know their names. Game Easter Eggs, whether they make you laugh or disturb you to the core, are a joyous part of the experience, snuck away in the overlooked cracks of your favourite games for you to find.

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