20 Most Addictive Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)


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IO Interactive

Few games genuinely reward experimentation quite like the 2016 incarnation of Hitman. Taking all the lessons learned from generations past and then giving you the biggest, most labyrinthine and passageway-filled expanses possible, many were quick to dismiss this thanks to an episodic release, but the end product couldn't have turned out any better.

As a franchise, Hitman has always acknowledged ingenuity, but there's something about the ludicrous amount of ways you can now finish missions, that both revels in macabre slapstick comedy, whilst also packing a satisfying punch.

You'll syringe gardening staff and take their place, poison a dish for an anonymous kill, grab a ceremonial blade and wait in the shadows. Cause distractions, rig explosions or just go postal with a fire axe - IO Interactive totally acknowledge that the best stories in Hitman are those you make yourself, and this newest instalment ensures no two of us have ever played the same way.

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