20 Sexiest Video Game Guys Of All Time

And they say it's only the ladies that are worth swooning over.

For too long it has been video game leading ladies who have had all the attention, being the subject of endless crushes and lusted after in the millions. Well, no more. Times have very much changed and thankfully there's been quite the recent torrent of digital stud-muffins fronting some of the biggest video game franchises around. Whether they're kicking some serious butt, saving the world or just looking mighty fine doing it, there is a plethora of insane man candy to swoon over. Indeed, over time the video game industry has done an excellent job at representing the male species in all its masculine glory: from the boyish charm of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII to the chiseled sex god that is Commander Shepard of Mass Effect 3. It seems that hunky male leads are now very much centre stage in the world of gaming just as much as the ladies. Are these male protagonists being objectified and exploited by the video games industry merely to appeal to a wider audience with the aim of selling more games? Is it really okay to represent these fine men as testosterone-soaked slabs of meaty perfection?... well yes, yes it is. Here is the definitive 20 Sexiest Video Game Guys Of All Time. Enjoy.

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