20 Things Only Resident Evil Fans Will Understand

Never, ever trust a Doberman.

Resident Evil is simply the best gaming franchise ever, and there's very little to suggest that fans will ever accept otherwise. It isn€™t a perfect franchise by any means: mistakes have been made and paths explored that should never have been considered, but once you get bitten by the Resident Evil bug, you are utterly, hopelessly smitten with the franchise. And thankfully there are plenty of titles to choose from; every console has had its dalliance with Resident Evil - for better or worse. The shift in focus from traditional Survival Horror to more action based Dramatic Horror is one that has divided followers of the franchise, but hey - at least we can have a good time arguing about it among ourselves... As with any fandom, there are common experiences that unite all Resident Evil fans, particularly of the Old School games because let€™s face it that€™s where all the best stuff comes from. Around 18 years after its release, the first game is still thrilling: the scares never diminish and the game is intelligent and absorbing. Unfortunately, later Resident Evil games (Resident Evil 5 and 6) failed to capture the raw terror of the first entries in the franchise, so it's only fair that they are less in focus here.

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