20 Video Game Bosses You Must Defeat Before You Die

You can't call yourself a hardcore gamer until you've taken them all on.

A great game can be defined by many things, be it an iconic protagonist, great music, impressive visuals, a nuanced plot, and so on. One of the more important aspects to creating a truly brilliant, iconic game is in building boss fights that people are never going to forget, and will be talking about for years, even decades. Whether becoming stuff of legend because of its supreme challenge, its impressive artistic accomplishment, or it being an epic culmination of everything that came before, a mind-blowing boss battle can push a game from great to legendary. These 20 bosses, drawn from all platforms and genres, are the 20 that you need to beat before you die. Whether you play the rest of the game or not is another matter, but battling your way through each of these bosses guarantees 20 slices of video gaming history at its finest. You can't call yourself a hardcore gamer until you've taken them all on, so get to it! There's likely to be many disagreements on this topic as 20 entries is not nearly enough to cover all of gaming, so please, add your own in the comments!
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