25 Gaming PCs That Will Make You Jealous

How can you not be jealous of an R2D2 PC?

Tom Butler



There’s little in this world more satisfying than turning on your very own, hand-built gaming PC for the first time. Despite being a fairly easy task these days, it still feels like a colossal achievement to put together a machine that actually works.

The computers you’ll find in this list aren’t just your average, amateur builds though. We’ve put together 25 of the greatest gaming PCs ever made, notable due to their incredible good looks, superior practicality, or sheer, unadulterated power.

The PC gaming community has built up a bit of a reputation among gamers, for a sense of smugness and self-righteousness. Who can blame them though, when these works of genius exist?


25. MAXxPlanck V2

25 A

Photo Gallery: Here

This wall-mounted custom PC looks better than any framed photo or painting we’ve ever seen. Probably best to avoid a computer like this if you have a fly infestation or live in the desert though.


24. Throne Computer

24 K

Photo Gallery: Not available.

We aren’t sure exactly what to say about this toilet-based PC. It looks like this inventive little setup would be perfect for binging on the latest MMO release though, if somewhat unhygienic.