3 Alternative Endings For Assassin’s Creed 3

This article includes major spoilers for the game Assassin’s Creed III. If the game has not been played (and you…

Anthony Grogan


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This article includes major spoilers for the game Assassin’s Creed III. If the game has not been played (and you do want to play in the future), please don’t proceed any further in reading. 

Dissapointed? I know a lot of people are. Not with the game, hopefully, but with the conclusion. I am. I mean, don’t you think it was a bit rushed? Don’t you think it could have had more emotion, or more drama – just to make it the definitive moment of the series? To recap, Desmond and friends enter the temple, Juno turns out to be a bad guy, and he sacrifices himself to save the world – but in doing so likely handed it over to a psychotic, alien, Goddess… thing. We all expected something like this would happen, but certainly it would be a bit better.  The only bit of drama, arguably, was when Desmond tried to pull away from his imminent death. That’s it. Nothing more. Nada.

All respect to Ubisoft, ACIII was astonishing. Unjustly overshadowed by glitches mainly fixed by the day one patch, and optional stories that were fundamentally optional (Don’t need to play them? Don’t judge a game on them). Connor’s tale and the Desmond outer segments were also brilliant, offering everything I expected from the build up. So when the present day group finally opened the gate, I was praying the finale would follow the example set. To some people, maybe it did. Maybe it gave everything they needed. It kills me to do so, but I can’t say the same. It didn’t give me the send off to Desmond I needed, as following him for the the past five years have created a bit of interest. Partly to blame is Nathan Dra… I mean Nolan North. So, for the many sleepless nights, I’ve thought of how I could have got that send off. In them nights of endless homestead missions, I thought of three conclusions that could have been more approved, and perhaps more loved, by the worldwide fanbase. Especially the last one. Oh, that last one… without blowing on my own trumpet – that one’s good.

Without further ado, after a month of waiting, here is how Assassin’s Creed III could have been a truly great finale – and not a Mass Effect 3 style disappointment…