3 Things Square-Enix Can Do To Save Final Fantasy

2. Stop Making Final Fantasy XIII Sequels and Release Versus XIII

When Final Fantasy XIII was announced in 2006, it was accompanied by two other games: a PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII and a mobile title called Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The idea was to create three separate games that all shared the same mythos. Square-Enix even gave the project a name: Fabula Nova Crystallis. Thus far, only Final Fantasy XIII has been released here in the States. Agito XIII is available in Japan, renamed Final Fantasy Type-O, and released on PSP, but, as of this writing, will not be released in the US. Versus XIII was rumored cancelled last year, but is thankfully still in development. Critical reaction in Japan to Type-O was highly positive and the trailers for Tetsuya Nomura's Versus XIII showcase an exciting Kingdom Hearts reminiscent battle system that's a far cry from FFXIII's the game-does-the-fighting-for-you system. By releasing Versus XIII, Square-Enix not only gives us a potentially stellar game, but frees up Nomura to work on the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III. It's a double dose of awesome for fans. Versus XIII also may see the return of series staples like the world map, mini games, and airships: elements that have been painfully missing for a long, long time. This is a no-brainer: gently place Lightning Returns on the same back-burner Versus XIII is currently occupying, come up with a new, goofier name for Versus XIII, and carry on. Who knows, maybe Square-Enix can get it published before the next Duke Nukem game comes out.

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