3 Video Games Everyone Is Waiting For Right Now

One of the best things in this world – according to any teenage boy – would be video games. Never…

Siddharth Grover



One of the best things in this world – according to any teenage boy – would be video games. Never mind, one of the best things in the world at present are video games. Everywhere you go, you see people switching on their gaming consoles, sitting down with friends, plugging in a CD and playing a game. Games have become a huge part of our life now, and it is wonderful to watch how the era of games has transformed our generation.

Recently, the E3 took place and it made many of the hardcore gamers realize that PS4 is a better gaming console than XBox One. However, gaming enthusiasts are not concerned about that anymore: they are concerned about the new games coming out now, and what their specialties are. Therefore, let me present you with the three best games to watch out for in this year, which will easily blow your mind, even if you don’t enjoy the genre of the games. The following are the three best games to watch out for, in 2013.

Note: This list is based on my personal opinion and not any stats or rankings, therefore, before commenting on this article (which you should do), please remember that this list is based on opinion, not fact.

Let’s begin.

3. WWE 2K14


The first game in this list is none other than WWE and Take Two’s creation: WWE 2k14. With an increased roster and more modes, WWE 2k14 seems like a game to get, since it is a favorite of hardcore wrestling fans, like me. WWE presents an interesting dynamic in wrestling where two superstars compete for a championship, but WWE 2k14 offers a lot more than WWE itself.

Multiple modes including the WWE Universe mode and much more, WWE 2k14 promises to be excellent with the product it is providing. WWE Games were first produced by THQ, but now, Take Two has taken over, and they have the credibility to provide excellent games, even better than the previous ones. Consisting of tables, ladders, chairs, battle royal, and multiple other stipulated matches, plus the Road to WrestleMania encounters, this game seems to be the epitome of WWE games, and it might be the best ever so far. WWE games have always been good with the gameplay and the graphics, and this year should be no different, as WWE 2K14 comes out soon. Wrestling fans all over the world are excited for this game.

WWE 2k14 is a game for anyone: wrestling fans, or casual wrestling viewers, or even people who haven’t played wrestling ever. It’s a good source of recreation and relaxation, and it is bound to be one of the best games this year.