3 Xbox Announcements Microsoft Must Make On The 21st (But Won't)


With the next generation of Xbox set to be revealed in less than a week expectations are unsurprisingly sky-high.

Here€™s three things Microsoft should announce on May 21st but more than likely won€™t...

3. Online Play Will Be Free to All Live Members


The revamped LIVE that debuted alongside the Xbox 360 back in 2005 is a very different animal to the quadrilateral heavy entertainment hub we have today. There€™s no denying Microsoft€™s online offering has always provided an experience worth paying for... that was of course until Sony raised the bar, with PlayStation Plus.

Free online play, why ask for that when you could ask for an Xbox equivalent to Sony's beloved PlayStation Plus? Well there€™s the thing, my betting is Microsoft will offer a PS Plus style service when the new Xbox launches, the worry is they€™ll keep online play locked behind it. Yes LIVE may lose a few Gold subscribers in the begin as they attempt to convince people it€™s still worth paying for, but there€™s a lot to be said for earning the respect and good will of your customers, just ask Valve.

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