3 Xbox Announcements Microsoft Must Make On The 21st (But Won't)

2. Kinect 2.0 Will Not Be Required in Order for the Box to Function


Like it or hate it and let€™s be honest it€™s probably the latter; Kinect is here to stay. The software may have been poor but the little device itself sold in the tens of millions. In an attempt to encourage developers to actually use it, it seems every next-gen Xbox will come bundled with a Kinect 2.0 sensor. Fair enough, but some rumours are suggesting the system won€™t work without it.

The problem is a large chunk of gamers simply don€™t have the space to accommodate Kinect, the new sensor may well work in smaller spaces but just how small remains to be seen. If you have your Xbox linked up to a PC monitor, tucked away in your office or bedroom it€™s doubtful you€™ll be playing Dance Central 4. Even if most games only use it for voice commands and hand gestures, Microsoft listen when I say - most core gamers don€™t want a Kinect 2.0 full-stop, please don€™t force it upon us!

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