30 Greatest Female Fighting Game Characters Of All Time

3, 2, 1... FIGHT!

If there's one genre of video game that can claim to give equal representation to both men and women in regards to what is bound to be the eternal debate of sexism in video games, it's the beat em' up. All of the big hitters in the fighting game business afford just as much time to creating interesting and (mostly) believable female fighters as they do male ones. Of course, some may say that developers only include female fighters as a means to tease money out of the wallets of teenage boys (Dead Or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball comes to mind), but the opposite can just as easily be true. There are some pretty ludicrously-dressed entries on this list, but all of them at least have interesting qualities beyond the presence of grapefruit-sized boobs. Nothing's ever going to be perfect in any form of persecution, but the following thirty female powerhouses of pure pain you're about to see come bloody close to it. Ninjas, Amazonian warriors, rich kids and everything else in between, you name it: it'll probably be here in one form or another. Just bear in mind that Japanese developers have far less reservations about objectifying women than their Western counterparts...
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