5 Awesome Video Game Composers You Should be Listening To Right Now

Journey The majority of video game soundtracks are nothing to write home about. Most of them do an admirable job of setting the mood for a game (e.g., Giacchino's score for Call of Duty), but it's rare for a game to have music so good you'll take the time to listen to it outside of the game itself. A notable exception to this is Austin Wintory's work on Journey, which has been nominated for a Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media Grammy. In honor of Wintory's nomination, here are 5 video game composers who deserve your attention.

1. Chipzel (Niamh Houston)

Chipzel Anyone who has played Super Hexagon, the frustratingly difficult game designed by Terry Cavanagh, has already heard the frantic chip tunes of Niamh Houston, an Irish musician who uses Gameboy hacking software to create her unique sound. Chipzel€™s music is seductive, the kind that makes you want to live outside of your shame and anxieties, and dance like an idiot. Or maybe that's just me. Still, it's great stuff, especially when you need some motivation/jump-start music to help you get on the ball or emerge from the grunge of an early morning rise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN9nboHWSqQ Chipzel has done more than just the soundtrack for Super Hexagon. Phonetic Symphony is an insane, audible delight that deserves to be heard as well. Check out her bandcamp site and if you like what you hear, consider buying an album or two.
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