I find one of the most annoying aspects of single player gaming amongst friends is the potential for a backseat gamer shouting instructions as you go along thinking their decisions are always the perfect choices. They can be immensely off putting and having to block out their droning voice, while keeping an eye on that last slice of pizza can prove to be a chore.

Not all friends are like that though, some of them can be pretty good at games and it can be a blessing having an extra pair of eyes on the screen helping you out. They can spot enemies you might not have noticed, give helpful tactics into your plan of attack, or simultaneously make the language barrier crossing noise of needing to change your pants.

Certain games really don’t a dedicated multiplayer mode to be enjoyed by more than one person to fully immerse themselves in the experience, so stop making excuses for your control pad that you pretend is broke to continue on your single player gaming experience.

I have compiled a list of five games when being played in single player with a friend beside you that can prove to be just as, if not more enjoyable when sitting alone.

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This article was first posted on February 16, 2013