5 Half-Crazy Things We Want In The New GTA V

With a souped-up re-release just round the corner, what’s going to make you return to San Andreas?

James McGrath


Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V set the bar for dynamic, open-world playgrounds. In case there was any question regarding Rockstar’s mastery of the genre, GTA V remains one of the most vivid culminations of last generation’s ideas, so much so that its quality retroactively trounces any release on the Xbox One and PS4 thus far.

It seems only logical then that Rockstar North will be reminding other developers how much they suck this Fall with a massively upgraded Grand Theft Auto V on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The official blog post makes claims of a comprehensive graphical reboot that will “deliver a stunning new level of detail.”

Among these improvements, Rockstar specifies “new wildlife, upgraded weather and damage effects, and an array of new details,” without defining the parameters of those details too clearly. The debut trailer from E3 showed off some fancy 3D grass, thriving wildlife, a much more bustling city and dramatically enhanced lighting, but that ain’t enough for us greedy dreamers.

Customisation is hotter than ever as gamers clamour to play their way, and we’re no different. Hell, Rockstar knows this! They’ve institutionalised an entire video game series that satirises what our pop-cultured societies crave most, from romanticised lifestyles to excessive, psychopathic depravity.

In Rockstar’s creative juices we trust, but inspiration is contagious. While the following five features probably won’t make the second cut, they definitely won’t if we stop talking about them…