Watch Dogs Creed

The Assassin’s Creed series is widely known and recognized for its adventurous romps through varying historical time periods- ranging from The Third Crusade, to The Italian Renaissance, to The American Revolution, and now a golden age of pirating. Each time period stands out from the rest too, both aesthetically and chronically.

These sweeping epics are framed in modern times by a device titled the Animus, built by Abstergo industries, a corporation secretly seeking unanimous world control.

And while the reception to the overarching modern story is mixed, it’s simply not going away as evident in Black Flag. Even after killing off Desmond- the series protagonist and vessel for the story arc- Ubisoft pushes onward, smashing together surprisingly accurate history with wildly insane yet engaging conspiracy theories.

There’s something really, really off about the modern day plotline with Black Flag however. I’m not sure if it’s just Ubisoft as a creative outlet that is now lost with their own project or if there’s something far more mysterious going on. It has been directly stated countless times by Ubisoft that there would never be an Assassin’s Creed game strictly featured in a modern era, and it’s not exactly challenging to grasp why. You’re essentially alienating a sizeable chunk of your fanbase because even though people enjoy the overarching story for its rich and eerie mysticism, they don’t want to play an entire game that consists solely of it. People flock to Assassin’s Creed for bold retellings of history featuring fictional badass Assassins.

What if Ubisoft created another franchise though? A new franchise already stationed in modern times, but one that plays drastically different? Hello Watch Dogs!

In this feature, I will be looking into 5 different possible bridges that Ubisoft may be cleverly hiding between these 2 franchises. Sneaky, eh?

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This article was first posted on November 4, 2013