5 Most Memorable Video Game Hoaxes

When it comes to undercover mysteries and rumours the Internet is a great place to bring them to light and in a way, to spoil things for those who are curious enough to know anything about a movie, series, or a video game. However, as you may know by now it isn't a very reliable source. Most of the times we end up hyped up as hell about things that end up being false, and sometimes a myth is so big that even after years of being debunked some people actually believe them. But, with a subject matter as big as the world of video games you're bound to see these kind of rumors all the time, especially if they involve either a popular game or an upcoming release. And it is quite understandable, and you must understand that by the time some of these myths came along the Internet was just beginning, and there wasn't a way to fully prove if they were true or false. As we're about to see, some of these myths have some pretty big reasons to be believed. While some others will be so ridiculously retarded that you won't believe that somebody actually thought it was a real thing. But all of them left some impact in video game history, and will be remembered for years to come, warning us that we shouldn't believe everything that appears online.

Honorable Mention: Polybius

polybius Polybius is one of the most popular game myths of all time. It has all the elements to be one of the most well known urban legends on the Internet; a big conspiracy theory, deaths, mysterious people, and the sudden appearance and the disappearance of the so called games turned this common (and quite ridiculous, to be honest) story into an urban legend that appears that it will never die. It's guaranteed that it will appear in every list about game myths. What's The Story? The year was 1981, one day, new arcade machines appeared in some places in Portland, Oregon. The game, simply called "Polybius" was very popular with gamers over there, to the point that the game could have been considered an addiction to the rest of the people. Some arcade owners reported that some men in black were supervising the whole thing and accessing to some kind of secret menu in the machine. } Things got even weirder when some of the gamers reported to have awful nightmares, headaches, amnesia, night terrors and according to the rumour, some of the players became anti-video game activists. To make matters more interesting the company's name was Sinneslöschen, which can be translated to "sensory-extinguishing." And one day, in the same manner in which they appeared, they suddenly were gone. The Truth Behind The Hoax I think the biggest reason why it's pretty obvious that this story it's just a myth is because of the fact on how perfect everything sounded. The saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" also applies to video games. And, just like any other government conspiracy, if the government truly did something like that, we wouldn't have heard about it in the first place. Unless the whole conspiracy theory its a conspiracy itself like in South Park, in which case...it's still a myth.
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