5 Notorious Video Game Software Failures

feefef The colossus that is our beloved gaming industry seems to effortlessly stride from strength to strength every year with record breaking sales that manage to surpass the film and music industries with ease, and a lot more creativity. However, it isn€™t all rosy in the gaming garden as many titles fail to make an impact, critically and financially. The recent closure of THQ is evident that sometimes the roses really do smell like poo. Thanks OutKast, but I€™ll never like you. Gaming failures can range from consoles, add-ons and peripherals but for this article I want to focus only on gaming software failures. The titles that sometimes managed to ride a wave of sweaty gamer hype only to find itself belly flopping into the swirling unprotected blades of an industrial fan. Every developer over the years manages to mold their fair share of disappointments but it is becoming more of the final nail in the coffin in today€™s marketplace, as the sole failure could close their doors forever. The failures are not always the fault of the creators as marketing, release windows, and media scrutiny can become major players during a games development and release cycle. Some games with the introduction of Kickstarter, Android, iOS and HD remakes can see the light of day or a sequel in the near future such as Psychonauts and Okami, which will be a growing trend in the near future. For now feast your eyes on these gaming failures I€™m sure some of you have a couple in your collections.
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