Sony’s PlayStation was a game changer.

There can be no doubt that this medium sized grey machine bore the possibilities and potential to take us from badly animated 2D cartridge based adventures to exploring locations, worlds and even Universes in an unprecedented and often awe-inspiring way. Before the PlayStation came along there question of accepting anything other than what was presented before you – the blocky designs and animations were the pinnacle of technological achievement – but in a few short years this technology gave rise to some of the most innovative, well-written and strongly executed material in gaming.

I doubt the developers at Sony could have foreseen just how much possibility lay before them and how fabulous their invention really was, even with their inside knowledge. After all, at the time, Sony wasn’t a games manufacturer, their decision to develop and market the PlayStation being largely based on disagreements with Nintendo – thank God for that particular sour relationship. Quickly, however, they became gaming titans.

With an official shelf life of 12 years, the original PlayStation was an introduction to gaming for a generation. So just which games created those extra special and pivotal moments, what do we have to thank them for and what did we learn? Read on to discover the PS1 games that changed your life…

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This article was first posted on November 4, 2013