5 Reasons Capcom Needs To Bring Back Dino Crisis

1. Regina Is Awesome

While she had to share play-time with costar Dylan in Dino Crisis 2, Regina is just as important to the series as the dinosaurs she's had to square off against. Instantly recognizable without being overly sexualized, Regina was a certified badass, almost entirely more capable of overcoming her situation than the rest of her squadmates. As a reboot or a sequel, Regina's involvement in a new game is a must, particularly if it means that her character and personality can be fleshed out and given new layers amidst all the graphical improvements and updated gameplay mechanics without veering into the ridiculous superhuman antics that some of Resident Evil's once relatively-"normal" main characters have been taking part in in recent games. Armed with all the advancements in game development in the 15 years since the franchise's inception, the endless possibilities for where it can go and what it could be and with an awesome female protagonist just waiting to get her time to shine again, it's time that Dino Crisis come back with a vengeance to show old fans and new what its capable of.
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