5 Reasons Horizon Zero Dawn Is The PS4's Most Exciting Game

Shadow of Mordor meets Jurassic Park, what's not to love?

Horizon zero dawn

In the current gaming market, console exclusives are the key to success. Which system do I have to own to play that particular game? The upcoming Nintendo Switch has The Legend of Zelda, Xbox has Halo, and PlayStation has Uncharted. However, it seems that Sony has another extremely exciting exclusive coming very soon, and it may just be their best yet.

Horizon Zero Dawn is the latest product from Guerrilla Games, most well-known for the Killzone series. With Horizon, they find themselves changing up their typical format. This time, gameplay looks to be Tomb Raider mixed with a whole lot of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, resulting in an open world RPG with robotic enemies and deeply engaging combat.

With its February 28th release drawing closer, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for this excellent-looking new IP. In fact, this could be the game that defines the PS4 alongside Uncharted 4 (if it lives up to the hype).

How is that possible? Well let's find out. These are the 5 Reasons Horizon Zero Dawn Is The PS4's Most Exciting Game.


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