5 Reasons Why Being A Video Game Cyborg Sucks

5. You're Probably A Bad Guy

This is common sense when it comes to playing the odds in video games. Unless you're in an RPG or a game where there's a decent amount of cyborg NPCs, you're either the good guy or one of the many bad guys. And making things even worse, you're probably one of the hundreds or thousands of mooks who will die horribly when the hero makes his way through a level. That's right: being a cyborg is practically a guaranteed death sentence unless you're lucky enough to be in a game with lots of stealth sections or non-lethal weapons. And either of those options are so rare that you might as well make out a will the second the cyberisation operation (awesome name for a band, by the way) is done. Even if you get clever and try to hide, the protagonist might just find and kill you anyway, possibly for an achievement or amusement. But take solace: dying is probably the least bad option on this list, which is terrifying if you think about it.

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