On a daily jaunt to Steam on my Mac to download Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, I happened across a little game called Gone Home which flickered across the top tile. Without really knowing anything about the game (and because I was in a survival horror mood) I clicked on the link. After reading the reviews on the next page, and the brief synopsis, I decided to give it a shot.

Fast forward to two hours later, and I am a wreck. I have just sat down and played the game that I so hap-hazardly downloaded and I was utterly entranced. Gone Home is a slow, player-driven story experience, focused on a girl who gets home after a long time travelling to find the house empty. In the dead of night, she must go around the house to piece together where her mother, father and sister are and more importantly, what happened to them while she was away.

With this as a set-up, Gone Home quickly reveals itself to be not at what you expected. To be totally honest, it rocked me to the core. It made me feel emotions for a game again, something that I thought was barely possible. So as I sit here and process what I have just experienced, let’s look at Gone Home: 5 Reasons You Should Be Playing It Right Now.

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This article was first posted on September 13, 2013