5 Things We Need to See In The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2

5. We Need More of a Challenge

the walking dead the game 5 As good as the first season of the game was story-wise; we definitely need more of a challenge in the next instalment. The biggest success of the game was the wonderful narrative and character progression with fickle relationships built up or destroyed in an instance. However, on the flipside the puzzles were far too easy and simple to figure out and did not provide much of a challenge. The Walking Dead: The Game reinvigorated the point and click adventure (and incorporated role-playing elements) and while the storytelling is great, the next logical step of the game with a second instalment is surely to provide a more challenging and tougher game. Telltale have got the tone perfect with the visual design and atmosphere wise, now they should implement tougher tasks and puzzles and up the ante for us gamers.

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