5 Video Game Enemies That Look Suspiciously Like Vaginas

4. Egg Spawner: Prey

Prey Egg Spawner In this quirky shooter from way back in 2011 you play as Tommy, a Cherokee Indian who gets sucked up into a huge UFO called The Sphere, along with the rest of his reservation. The thing is though, The Sphere goes from planet to planet sucking up material both inanimate and organic in order to sustain itself. That leaves the door wide open to this beauty, the Egg Spawner - completely inanimate but highly annoying. It's just one huge orifice on the wall that spews out eggs that hatch into enemies. Now can anyone else make the connection? Eggs coming out of a huge vagina thing on the wall? Subtle. http://youtu.be/hlS9WfGZhhE
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