5 Xbox One Titles You May Be Unaware Of

With the release of the new Xbox One console now being little over 2 months away, I though I would…

Gary Marshall



With the release of the new Xbox One console now being little over 2 months away, I though I would throw up an article on some of the games released inside the launch window, and some well, that won’t be released until the end of 2014. The titles chosen will be the ones which haven’t really been plastered around as much as the ‘big boy’ titles such as FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, because these 5 titles alone will be the consensus most gamers on console will associate themselves with, mostly because of marketing whilst you get the odd anomaly of titles gaining the appraisal they actually deserve.

So without further ado, here is my list of titles which should be heavily considered for purchase when you get your mitts on the Xbox One, and remember, these titles are not all for sale on immediate release, so don’t go placing your pre-orders just yet.


5. Crimson Dragon


Crimson Dragon, is a new Xbox Live Arcade due for release on Day One, and it will be a successor to the previously successful predecessor Panzer Dragon series, released originally on the SEGA, up to the Xbox Original. The game itself is for a more selective audience and it one of them titles which is ignored by many because it isn’t essentially a Sports game or Shooter. However, with the game being released on Arcade, it may bring in a few new faces and gain some fans.

The story derives of a planet which is inhabited by Dragons, and with this humans are able to control and ride them. (Kind of like HTTYD) With this, you control a dragon which can be levelled up by feeding it food or ensuing missions and progressing level by level to make your dragon stronger and gain new skills. The difference with this title to others amongst in the list is that it will be released for Xbox Live Arcade which evidently displays that there will be less content, but also means it will be cheaper and with the inclusion of Xbox Live Rewards, you can knock off some pennies and pick up a possibly brilliant addition to your library, at small cost.