50 Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time!

A hero is nothing without a damn good villain to battle wits and brawn with....

All games need a story, an irreverent quest to right wrongs or find untold secrets. This then leads to the creation of a Hero, someone who inspires awe and plays on many gamers imaginations giving them someone they can aspire to be in their dream world. However a hero is nothing without a damn good villain to battle wits and brauwn with. Video game villains definitely lack respect, considering how much they bring to the gaming table so at WhatCulture! we have decided to bring you all a list of the top 50 video gaming villains.... to celebrate those delicious band of scum and villainy!

50. Combine Soldiers (Half-Life 2)

They may look like your standard soldiers (albeit with a bit of the s&m look about them) But make no mistake the combine are a hideously powerful force. After the death of Nihilanth, Portals to the border world of Xen began opening up, allowing the combine to burst through in huge waves. Attacking earth by surprise and leaving us at a massive technical advantage the combine took over earth in seven hours. The combine had such a lust for power they were busy transforming civilians into faceless soldiers and horrendous wrecks of life forms known as stalkers, they even went so far as creating energy fields to suppress human reproduction Every one who plays Half-Life 2 will remember the first time they see the combine, bearing down on city 17 like a dark cloud. Don€™t forget that if you get too close one to many times, your in for a shock. (everyone tries it once)

49. Captain Onishima (Jet Set Radio)

In the future town of Tokyo-To - freedom of speech and freedom of expression? These things are just downright illegal! and Captain Onishima is on hand to make sure no punk kids ruin his pretty looking town, so don€™t think you€™ll be laying down sweet tags left right and centre any time soon (at least not without a fight). He's got the entire police force on his side to help him take down any threats of rudie kids! Captain Onishima is a great villain, imagine Dirty Harry only japanese and a lot more angry, constantly stamping his feet in rage and shouting obscenities at the GG€™s. However he isn't just a simple caricature, unlike the police force (who can be shook off by skating at speed) if Onishima gets near you, you're in trouble, with a great big trusty revolver at hand he'll aim straight for the kill shot. That's right, your head!

48. Kang & Kodos (The Simpsons: Hit & Run)

A lot of you may think €œwhy? Just..why!?!?€ but think about it, these half-witted aliens were ready to bring earth to a stand still, and wreak as much havoc as they possibly could, and why? For good TV ratings of course! How evil can you get? €˜Nuff said!

47. Goro (Mortal Kombat)

A half dragon, half human Goro is one of the most powerful of the Shokan race. He served under Shao Khan for 500 years as his right hand man and undefeated champion of the mortal kombat tournament (until Liu Kang eventually beat him, but that was not the end of goro). A huge lumbering four armed beast, goro was a powerful enemy, so much so in fact that in the first Mortal Kombat game, Goro was almost too powerful a character to play as. With the ability to end a match early by literally tearing limbs clean off of his opponent, he was a pretty tricky final boss to face off against!

46. Mario (Donkey Kong JR.)

Think back to the years before Nintendo had cemented its placement in gaming history as a staple that every home would know was associated with THAT little Italian man worth billions and billions. Cant think back that far? Well don€™t worry I€™ve done the hard bit already and I€™ve discovered that Mario wasn€™t always the innocent pasta guzzling hero he€™s made out to be today! In Donkey Kong JR. Mario is responsible for locking up JR€™s dad Donkey Kong and guarding his cage with an evil iron fist. That's evil enough for most but spare an extra tear for DK JR for when he finally saves his dad, the game is reset and he must start his quest once again. Oh how cruel! All in all this makes Mario a bit of a hypocrite really, Koopa constantly stealing princess peach now seems more like karma to me, thats it mario WEEP!
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