Everyone loves a good quote, it’s in our nature. Whether it be the wise words of Buddha, the resonating phrases of Christopher Nolan, or the witty quips of GLaDOS, people are constantly reverberating what others have said when they themselves don’t know what to say.

Quotes are solid, unchanging lines of dialogue we can call upon any time to help win an argument and make a friend laugh; they are often the words of better men/women than us, and we are able to verbally channel them whenever we so wish.

Video games are a relatively new medium, which sadly means there is a smaller backlog of data for us to draw from. However, that hasn’t stopped thousands of us gamers (along with a lot of ‘band-wagon’ type folk) spouting our favourite lines at each other like overly-excitable parrots whenever we get the chance. Now, thanks largely to morons who never even played the source game from which they are quoting, we are left in a position where gaming’s most intellectual and striking lines are less fresh than a 14 times used condom, with most so disgusted by them they are repulsed by the idea of letting the words leave their lips.

You can probably guess a few of them already, but that’s kinda the point ain’t it? If you hadn’t heard of any of them they’re hardly likely to have been quoted that much. Feel free to share in the comments how many you got right or if there are any you think we missed, though if you can’t predict number #1 then you should hang your head in shame.

Anyway, here are six of the most excessively overused quotes from video games. Now please, for the good of all gamers, don’t use them again. Thank you kindly.

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This article was first posted on May 1, 2013