6 Most Shocking Video Game Plot Twists Of 2018 (So Far)

Not all is what it seems in God of War...

God Of War

Say what you like about passionately written passages or well shot finales - there's nothing as intense as a video game set-piece when you're at the heart of the event itself. Betrayals, rug-pulls, last minute redemption arcs - they're the staples of narrative design in entertainment across the board, but with a controller in-hand, lives in the balance and a suitable challenge to surmount, gaming's jaw-droppers hit like nothing else.

For 2018, we've seen the conversation around the "worth" of single player titles boil over. The likes of Fortnite, GTA Online, Pokémon GO and Overwatch continue to rake in literal millions of dollars every month, positing the question to dev teams: Why bother writing a story when you could design a series of addictive game mechanics instead?

It's a question without an answer for now, but there are a handful of titles still flying the flag for all-things immersive and world-building, rather than crunching the numbers on blind boxes, drop-rates and stat grinds.

All these games are more than worth playing, coming complete with phenomenal twists delivered in the most memorable way.


Note: Spoilers within.

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