6 Things Watch Dogs 2 Does Better Than GTA V

4. Innovative Game Mechanics That Impact Mission Design


This point is probably most debatable, as many gamers have complained about the hacking as being to repetitive and simplified. I've actually found the puzzles quite good, especially those with time limits, or with enemies' bullets flying over Marcus' head as he's trying to make the red wires turn blue.

Switching numerous wires may seem annoying, but it's actually presented in innovative ways, as sometimes you have to use your drone to get to the top of a wired building, sometimes run to the other server room, and sometimes combine both. There was at least some creativity involved in putting those together. The previous version did much worse in that regard.

Or any other regard, really.

The missions themselves are often fun and fresh, despite sneaking still needing some work, as there are times, when you're easily found and there are missions when you can just hide in plain sight.


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