6 Things You Need To Know About WWE 2K18 Career Mode

6. A More Narrative-Driven Experience

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The first thing promised in 2K Sports' latest update is that WWE 2K18's career mode will focus on a "strong story narrative." They want to simulate all the ups and downs of life as a WWE Superstar, from hanging out backstage, to going to war in the ring. Creating a "WrestleMania moment" remains the end goal, but details on specific plot points remain ambiguous.

MyCAREER will see players presented with the choice of branching off in one of two clear directions. We'll get to those later, but it doesn't look like 2K18 will provide many surprises. WWE 2K17 gave players the chance to become a "Paul Heyman guy," but there's no mention of anything similar this year. For the most part, it looks like we'll still be tasked with starting at the bottom (NXT), then grinding our way to the top (WrestleMania), which is typical of the series.

2K have never been able to make MyCAREER a truly narrative-driven experience. Doing so would be welcome, as the mode often feels like a mundane grind towards increased stats, particularly in its early stages, but 2K have promised improved storylines in the past. It's best to take this point with a hint of cynicism.

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