6 Things You Need To Know About WWE 2K18 Career Mode

5. The 'Company Man' Path

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MyCAREER's first major path towards WrestleMania success will, in the immortal words of Roman Reigns, see your Superstar become a "snivelling little suck-up, sellout, full of sufferin' succotash, son."

Much like Seth Rollins circa 2014, the 'Company Man' branch will let you cosy up to your brand's General Manager, whomever that may be, to ensure they "get what they want out of the roster on any given show." This means conspiring with said authority figure, ambushing wrestlers in the locker-room or during interviews, and doing whatever else it takes to help that GM increase their authority inside the ring and out.

Doing so may cost your wrestler his or her soul, but the rewards might make it worthwhile. Following this path will grant access to a number of MyCAREER upgrades, including the ability to organise a run-in to help win one of your matches, along with access to Vince McMahon's office to campaign for title shots and card changes.

This is a classic pro-wrestling storyline, 2K won't be short of material to mirror when putting the narrative together. Here's hoping it isn't as torturous as the last Authority run...

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