6 Video Games That Take More Brainpower Than Chess

Chess is the game of kings, but so are these titles.



People who say that video games will rot your brain are full of themselves. Video games have come a long way from a dot bouncing between two lines. While being good at games like Chess has long been the symbol of intelligence, there are new games that deserve just as much respect. The gaming industry has come up with games involving management of so many details and strategies that they put Chess to shame.

There’s a good reason Chess has been around for so many centuries. It’s a solidly built game that takes a sophisticated level of strategy and creative thinking to master. Even though the standard game of Chess has 32 pieces with only six different types, the possibilities for each and every game are limitless. But even a game like this can’t keep up with the advances in computing and game design theory that have emerged in the last few decades. There’s an immeasurable amount of depth and options available in modern games that would have stupefied the creators of Chess.

The game of kings will always have its place, but the future of intellectually-challenging games lies on consoles and home computers.