7 Censored Video Games That Went Way Too Far

Buckle up, this'll be a bumpy ride.


Censorship is a complex issue in the gaming community. It conjures images of hysterical Christian mothers burning Pikachu plushies and elderly judges furiously bringing down the ban-hammer of justice on any game that dares to use the word ‘tit’.

Censorship is often viewed as something that compromises the purity and expressive capability of art and suppresses the fundamental human right of self-expression and free speech.

We can all point and laugh at the time Football Manager 2005 was banned in China, or The Pokemon Trading Card Video Game was banned in Saudi Arabia for promoting Zionism, but sometimes games go so far that censorship might actually be justified.

This list isn’t a casual collection of funny little quirks that were randomly banned by overpaid and out-of-touch censorship boards. This isn’t about an interactive sex mini-game in GTA, or a vaguely inappropriate dildo joke in a Super Mario game (yup, it happened). This is a list of the times when games were sometimes unsettlingly, or hilariously, inappropriate, and got censored for it.

Buckle up folks, we’re going beyond the worst the gaming industry has to offer, into the murky waters of what it wasn’t allowed to show at all…

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