7 Characters That Must Be Cut From Super Smash Bros. Switch

Someone's gotta go.


Super Smash Bros. games are often judged on their roster of characters. With each new game comes an exciting slew of new additions and speculation as to which of Nintendo's all-stars (and, in some cases, not stars at all) will make the cut.

However, the fat must be trimmed. As the rosters have ballooned in size, oftentimes characters will get left on the cutting room floor. They're rarely fan-favourites - no one really cared about Young Link in Melee - but sometimes unexpected characters will be lost, like the Ice Climbers or Wolf O'Donnell.

Not only that, but with third party characters now being thrown into the mix, the roster for the previous game expanded enormously - that means someone isn't going to make it back.

With Super Smash Bros. announced for Switch, frantic speculation over the roster has begun anew - but while many people speculate on who they would like to join the fray, it's interesting to guess who might be leaving. There are a few obvious candidates for the chopping block, and some franchises just have too much representation. Smash Bros. is a cutthroat world, and some just have to go...


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