7 Characters That Must Be Cut From Super Smash Bros. Switch

7. Cloud


It was a huge moment when it was revealed that Cloud Strife, of Final Fantasy and PlayStation fame, was going to be joining Smash 4's roster of DLC characters. Cloud being a playable character in Smash was the epitome of a far-fetched pipe dream and yet here he was, duking it out with Mario and friends.

Unfortunately, much like Solid Snake before him, Cloud just doesn't really fit with the aesthetic of Smash. He's iconic yes, but he's overly serious demeanor and slightly less cartoon style put him more in line with the Fire Emblem characters than anything else - and we don't need more of them, that's for sure. While fans would most certainly like Cloud to return, it seems unlikely.

However, it seemed unlikely he'd be joining in the first place, so really anything can happen. Realistically though, it feels like Smash 4 was Cloud's moment to shine. But there is solace to be found - if Cloud can make it into the series, then really anyone can. Except Goku, because that's just truly dumb.


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