7 Devices You Won't Believe You Can Play Video Games On

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Video games are so much more than just a way of passing time. As any gamer will tell you, playing something worthwhile is like living a unique life in the shoes of characters you can fall in love with like any other form of entertainment. Over the years, games consoles have evolved immensely, with countless coming into being and even more going extinct.

While the industry is dominated by the Xbox, PlayStation, Switch trifecta, it would be a tremendous injustice to forget the Ataris and the Commodores that had massive roles in popularising video games. However, those are the ones you already know about.

The list of gaming platforms - or potential gaming platforms - is much longer than you think. As such, there are lots of devices that you wouldn't ever associate with gaming but can in fact support video games of varying graphics and pixel ratings.

Some of these are possible because of the devices having an in-built computer interface, others just happened to support games for some reason. So let’s put aside those dual shock controllers for now and go through 7 devices nobody believed you could play video games on.

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